Deacon Samuel Maffett


Deacon Samuel Maffett was born in Miami, Florida on January 30, 1958. He is married to Deaconess Judy Maffett. Together they share 8 adult children and 6 grandchildren. Deacon Samuel comes from a large family of 11 siblings. Deacon Samuel joined the Marine Corp right out of high school and he served our country with honor for 6 years while stationed in Camp Pendleton in California. After serving our country, He returned home to Miami, Florida to start a new career and family life.

Deacon Samuel attended Miami Dade Community College concentrating in Physical Education. Upon completion, he started his professional career at Jackson Memorial Hospital working in the cafeteria. After waiting on a promotion from God, he was favored and hired by Dade County Public School System as a bus driver in 1982 and then transitioned to the Maintenance Department where he is now a tractor/mower operator.

Deacon Samuel knew the call of God was on his life because at the age of 18 while serving in the military, he was introduced to Jesus and right then He accepted the Lord as his personal Savior. In 1995, Deacon Samuel rededicated his life to Christ and began to pursue God through the Word like never before because he knew God was calling him to another level in ministry. Once day he received a CD with Prophetess Felicia Parramore’s preaching about You got to be ready! The seed was planted for such a time as this. He testifies that God spoke to him so strong while listening and it compelled him to want to hear more of the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today, Deacon Samuel testifies that God delivered him from self righteousness and caused him to see how dirty he was through the Word of God and after realizing he was just a sinner saved by grace, he realized he had to repent and be delivered. After following the voice of the Lord, he decided to pursue what he was hearing on the CD that told him he needed deliverance. By invitation he finally decided it was time to visit The Kingdom Agenda Ministries Inc. The seed was planted 6 years ago and he knew this was the place for him at this appointed time. Deacon Samuel is encouraged because he says that as he look back over his life, he can see that it was God’s hand that was guiding him even though he was doing wrong and that God never left him alone. He is humbled to be called by God and given the office of a Deacon and over the Men’s ministry. His desire is to see souls saved and to bring them to Christ. He is thankful to Prophetess Felicia Parramore for the opportunity to serve God and the ministry in this capacity.

One of Deacon Samuel’s favorite scripture is I Timothy 1:15: Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst.”

~Deacon Samuel Maffet~

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