Deaconess Elizabeth Edwards


I am Deaconess Elizabeth Edwards and I want to begin by saying thank you to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. At a young age, my family attended the Baptist church and I stayed there for many years. When I became older, I decided to go my own way and begin to visit other churches over the years because I knew there was a calling on my life. I thought I knew God, but it wasn’t in the way I should have known Him. I began to party and drink in this sinful world, knowing it was wrong, but I did it anyway.

One day I began to look back on my life and I said to myself, “what am I doing?” I began to pray and ask God to deliver me from this sin and to give me a church that I would be pleased to attend. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the feeling I had that there was a calling on my life and there was something God wanted me to do, but I didn’t know what it was. I loved to sing and I asked the Lord to give me a voice to sing for Him and He did. I will never forget this beautiful day when two wonderful ladies who I had never seen before gave me a flyer of their church and invited me to come and visit and they said they were from the outreach ministry of the church. I honestly said to them “I will see.”

That was my calling then to attend The Kingdom Agenda because I had been asking God for a church so that I could fulfill whatever He was calling me to do and He sent the answer to my prayers. The day I attended the church, the Senior Pastor said to me that there was a calling on my life and that I had a beautiful spirit. Not soon after, the Pastor said to me again that the call of a Deaconess was upon my life. I immediately said “Yes” to this office because this was something I had been praying to God for that He would just use me in any way He wanted to in the church.

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for giving my Pastor, Prophetess Felicia Parramore, the Holy Spirit to ask me to serve in the position of a Deaconess and I accept it with great honor in the name of “Jesus.” I know that I am covered by His Blood and I owe God everything for what He has done for me and for what He is doing in my life. If God did it for me, HE will do it for you!

“But He gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: ‘God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble'” (James 4:6)

God Bless,
~Deaconess Elizabeth Edwards~