Director of Fine Arts 🎭 – Minister Peachra Jackson


Praise the Almighty God!
First and foremost, I would love to thank God for whispering in our Senior Pastor, Prophetess Parramore’s, heart, mind, and spirit to appoint me with such honor. I must say thank you Prophetess for bestowing me to this office as Director of Fine Arts. God really give blessings to those who are humble. Now that I am the Director of Fine Arts, I have so many ideas that are running around my spirit that I need to let out.

I was born in Miami, Florida and have lived here all my life. I first entered the Kingdom Agenda Worship Center Inc. at the age of 10. I was just a youth attending the church. I knew of God but at that time was not wholly dedicated to Him. Somehow, the church and I got separated, but The Holy Ghost led me back at the age of 18. In the time apart, I continued to know of God but only gave Him a part of me. The other 75% was living in the world and curious to do things that almost caused me to lose the Gift of God, eternal life. The thing is, you cannot be lukewarm as said in the Bible in the book of Revelation; you are either hot or cold, however through the Senior Pastor, the rest of the Leaders at The Kingdom Agenda, and let’s not forget the church family, I have been cleansed by the Blood of Jesus.

I am so glad I have been informed of the Gospel which is the (death, burial, resurrection of Jesus Christ), strengthened my relationship with God, and came out and separated myself from the world. In the world, I gave my all in dancing for satan, but now I am a child of God and I will praise Him with the same 100% but in a holy way.

This is why I am ecstatic for this spiritual office. I have a passion for dance and decided to flip the switch to use it for God who gave me the gift in the first place. Dancing is one of the ways I minister to other souls and bring them into the House of God and ultimately lead them to salvation. Now that I have others to train and perfect in the area of Fine Arts, our ministry will go to the next level. I shall continue to Praise and Worship God. For He is the reason I am saved and going to Heaven. I will also be a leader to those who have the same spiritual gift to praise God in dance. I will be an example to show them that praising God brings Joy that should be released for His Glory.

My favorite Scripture: Psalm 31:11-12 “You turned my wailing into dancing; You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing Your praises and not be silent. Lord my God. I will praise You forever.”

~Minister Peachra Jackson~
  Director of  Fine Arts


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