Prophetess Felicia Parramore: Senior Pastor/Teacher

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Pastor Parramore is an anointed woman of GOD blessed with the Spiritual gifts of healing, deliverance and prayer. She has a burden to tell the people about the Good News of Jesus Christ. Drugs, chaos and confusion bound Pastor Hamilton-Parramore during the early part of her life. However, Jesus Christ, set her free and delivered her from the bondage. Pastor Hamilton-Parramore is an over comer, an inspiration and a remarkable woman who is on a Mission for God.

One of Pastor Hamilton-Parramore’s favorite scriptures:

1 Corinthians 2:4

“My message and my preaching was not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirits Power”.

Pastor Hamilton-Parramore’s yielded life of Holiness has produced her 1st Book “Fresh Manna” released in August 2010.  It is sure to provoke a life changing experience as you feast on Fresh Manna straight from the mouth of God daily.

A woman ordained and set apart to minister and spread the good news of Jesus Christ, at the age of twenty-four (24) Pastor Hamilton-Parramore began her ministry as a Street Evangelist in Springfield, Massachusetts. She taught Missionettes at “Christian Life Center” thru (AG). In addition, she counseled teens in crisis at the Teenage Pregnancy Crisis Center at Bethany Assemblies of God. She inspired hope for a better life and a better future. Her association with the Missionettes and the Teenage Pregnancy Center gave her the burning desire to help teenagers.

Being lead by the Holy Spirit, she moved to Boca Raton, Florida to start up an Evangelist Team at Boca Raton’s First Assembly of God. Pastor Hamilton-Parramore taught a class for new believers called “First Things First”. She worked in the Prison Ministry and Pastor Hamilton-Parramore continued counseling women, assisting, listening and responding to their issues.

Pastor Hamilton-Parramore touched many lives at “Temple Aron Kodesh”, a Jewish Temple in Ft .Lauderdale. She taught at “Peoples Cathedral” located in Miami, Florida “Lifelong Evangelism” classes and continued to minister on the streets to lost souls.

She encouraged the elderly by witnessing to them in nursing homes. As she mentored new converts, her teaching skills came into focus. Pastor Hamilton-Parramore’s journey continued and brought her to Trinity Church in Miami, Florida. While there, she continued to teach Lifelong Evangelism classes, visited new converts and help feed the homeless and spread the good news to them.

Pastor Hamilton-Parramore returned to Wisconsin, and continued her good work for the Lord. She counseled in a drug rehab center and taught classes at the clinic and ministered to recovering drug addicts. Years later, she returned to Miami and Trinity Church. This was the beginning of her Prayer Ministry “With One Accord Intercessory Prayer Group”. The Pastor of the Church was ill and GOD inspired Pastor Hamilton-Parramore to start a prayer ministry. This ministry held prayer every Saturday and the presence of the Lord filled the place. The Holy Spirit and the anointed touch that GOD has placed in Pastor Hamilton-Parramore, dominated the prayer meeting every week. Healing, Deliverance and Salvation were magnified every week.

One of the prayer leaders testified: Pastor Hamilton-Parramore’s ministry has changed my life. She is a born leader, who is unafraid, sincere, compassionate, a seeker of excellence, a tremendous giver, and because she is full of fire, faith and fervor, she instills the pursuit of these qualities in others. She makes me want to give Jesus my best. Because of her commitment to prayer each week, I have undergone a mighty deliverance in my life and my faith has been built up. As far as her work With One Accord Intercessory Prayer Ministry, she has equipped other women to become leaders and to work effectively in the Kingdom. Through her ministry, I have been blessed to see first-hand the deliverance of others from demonic oppression. I have witnessed documented healings of the body and strengthening of the inner man in men, women, and in the youth.Five incidents are the most compelling to me, however, there were many more: 1) a woman was healed of cancer; 2) a lady was rolling over the floor as demons were being cast out of her; 3) a severely deformed child with no ears was brought forward for prayer; 4) an elderly woman came forth in her wheelchair and within a few minutes was walking; and 5) several women who were walking with canes threw their canes away before the end of the prayer meeting.

In each instance, Pastor Hamilton-Parramore had the same look on her face no fear just a fiery determination to see GOD do what He said He would do. I believe her to be a mighty woman of faith.

Believers come expecting the Lord to show up and He always does in a mighty way. This is not your ordinary Church service; it is a radical prayer ministry that changes lives forever. Once one enters into the Holy prayer sessions, they will never be the same.

Pastor Hamilton-Parramore received her vision from the Lord in 1996. As the Lord showed her more needed to be done to help those in need. She wanted the Church to do more to help those in need. One day while she was out feeding the homeless, she prayed and asked GOD to help her do more for the needy. GOD showed Pastor Hamilton-Parramore billions of dollars that would flow into her ministry, so she could provide for those in need.

On October 28, 2002, Pastor Hamilton-Parramore formed The Kingdom Agenda Ministries, Inc., a not-for-profit organization formed exclusively for charity, i.e., relief of the poor, the distressed and underprivileged by providing a community outreach ministry. Services to include feeding the homeless, advising and assisting abused women, advising and assisting pregnant teenagers, combating drug addiction and making contributions to exempt status organizations that are doing the work of the Lord.

Through her work as a Public Affairs Director at Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Pastor Hamilton-Parramore has met many people through the Lord who has encouraged and prayed for her ministry.

Pastor Hamilton-Parramore says that she has a “Master Degree” from the University of the Holy Ghost, majoring in deliverance, healing and salvation. She is currently working on her “PHD” in love and compassion.

When asked about mentors, Pastor Hamilton-Parramore’s response is,”God has placed many people in my life from which I draw and of whom I am grateful, however, the greatest mentor and the one I truly depend on is the Holy Ghost.”

On May 31, 2003 Pastor Hamilton-Parramore was ordained in a Holy Spirit filled ceremony as Pastor of The Kingdom Agenda Worship Center, Inc. Pastor Hamilton-Parramore is now ministering the Gospel and spreading the Good News to her congregation at the Church she pastors, The Kingdom Agenda Worship Center, Inc.

Pastor Hamilton-Parramore realized that she could no longer deny the responsibility that God predestined her to. Through the Holy Spirit, she is now impacting and changing lives by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has reached the next level in her walk with Christ.


The Lord has enlarged Pastor Hamilton-Parramore’s borders and widened her territory. She has been blessed to be able to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the radio industry.

Pastor Hamilton-Parramore’s prayers are heard on the Christian Radio airwaves. Specifically, WMBM 1490 AM. The Lord has used this anointed vessel to bring down strong holds and to help set the captives free. Pastor Hamilton-Parramore assisted WMBM Noon Day Prayer team. Her prayers were heard throughout Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

Pastor Hamilton-Parramore has been a blessing to WMCU 89.7 SPIRIT FM. The Lord blessed her by allowing her to be used to bring forth the Daily Devotions and the Word of the Day to the listeners of this radio station.

Pastor Parramore was favored and blessed to host her own radio show Monday – Thursday mornings on WHIM 1080AM. The show was called Bible Impartation I, II&III and the messages are available on this website and YouTube for your life changing experience.

Her message topics range from Salvation, Justification, Sanctification, the Rapture, and the list goes on and on. If you want to hear them and more of her preaching, they are available on this website and YouTube for a life changing experience.

Pastor Parramore can testify that God has truly enlarged her territory by allowing her to take everything back that the devil tried to steal from her with a vengeance under the authority, God’s power and the leading of the Holy Ghost. It is evident that God is using her for His glory and allowing her to maximize every platform to preach an uncompromising Gospel for the Kingdom of God. Pastor Parramore echoes the scripture in Romans 1:16-17 that says, “ For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.” For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”

The Lord has opened the flood gates of heaven for Pastor Hamilton-Parramore. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”   The door to the Miami Dade County Public School System; Yes, Pastor Parramore took the Gospel to the High Schools. The COPE Center for teenage pregnant girls extended themselves for her to come and mentor these girls, not to mention the open door for the Juvenile Justice Center to mentor, speak, counsel youth and families as well as the office of a  Certified Chaplain for the State of Florida’s Juvenile Justice System. To add to her collection of ministry helps, she is an affiliate of The Guardian Ad Litem Organization so just know that it is God’s will being done in her life as she actively pursues the call of God. She continued to meet the need of the community by becoming a provider for the Farm Share Food Distribution Center where over 450 families received free food every month. Prophetess Parramore makes sure that clothes for the needy children are available by being a provider for the Neat Stuff For Kids Organization.

 Her mission statement has taken on the life form of completing a good work until the day of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “She gives her ALL for the cause.”

Pastor Hamilton-Parramore has partnered with the Drug Court of Miami Dade County Juvenile Justice Division under the direction of Judge Jeri Cohen of the 11th Judicial Court where she remains affiliated for any counseling and mentoring to women of all nationalities. She is an affiliate with the Kristi House Organization that seeks to find ways to eradicate the illegal trafficking of children into slavery and prostitution in the United States. She is also affiliated with THE HAC that will educate, feed mentor and prepare hundreds of men and women to be productive in society. She accepted the call from the Spectrum Rehabilitation Facility to Pastor, counsel and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the women and men at the Miami facility and has remained available. Please know that the children and families can and will be mentored and ministered too by hearing the uncompromising “Word of God” and by being made whole in every area of their lives spiritually and naturally. “You Got To Be Ready.”


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