Minister Peachra Jackson


Glory Glory Glory to the Most High God who was, is,  and is to come..
Thank you my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  for calling me out of darkness into Your Marvelous Light. Thanks be to God for my Senior Pastor and Spiritual Mother Prophetess Parramore, who with His Love from above lead me closer to El Shaddai. Thank you, Abba, for my loving brothers and sisters (my church family) in Christ who causes me to constantly grow spiritually.
I was no different from any sinner of the world, but God called me and I answered, so now I am His chosen people.

He has called me to live a holy life dedicated to Him. Jesus Christ paid a price for me and I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that He is Lord. I pray that we all will hunger and thirst for the fire of the Holy Ghost. We should crave to receive the Dunamis power so we can go out and spread the Gospel (death, burial and resurrection of Christ). Jesus is the only way, truth, and life and He is coming back soon. He shall not despise a broken spirit and contrite heart as once was I. For this reason, I get joy in my soul to witness about Jesus the answer to life and life more abundantly.
Under the tutelage of our Senior Pastor Prophetess Parramore, I will lead as an Ordained Minister every day moving forward with diligence, stability, and integrity by the Grace of the Almighty God. I have come to be a servant with a supporting role to my leader and not a burden. Love, I give to you all as Jesus Christ poured into me. I give God all Glory, Power, and Honor that is due His Mighty Matchless Name

“The world and its desires pass away, But whoever does the will of God lives forever,”
1 John 2:17)

~Minister Peachra Jackson~