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It is evident that the size of a church doesn’t matter to God, but it is the demonstration of God’s “Dunamis” Power that operates through a Shepherd/Pastor/Prophetess that is walking upright before Him and asking specifically for God to show His glory so that the people will see and believe God’s undeniable power that manifests in the sanctuary. As she prays “show me your glory God,” the more of the demonstration of God’s power will be revealed. Her prayer is that you get ready to see greater things than this. The Word of God says we would do Greater Things and the best is yet to come. Please read these testimonies of God’s miraculous power and we pray that your faith will become strong in the Lord.

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Sister Caroline Bryan

The Spirit of the Lord has been speaking to Prophetess Felicia Parramore these words: MIRACLES, MIRACLES, MIRACLES! The manifestation of His power has NOT stopped. There was a woman by the name of Caroline Bryan that began to visit the ministry a couple of months ago to the present. She had not told any one of her previous Doctors report or diagnosis. She set an appointment to meet with Prophetess Parramore for personal counsel and direction.

The scripture declares that in the multitude of counsel, there is safety. Sister Caroline began to follow the instructions to the letter that was given to her by Prophetess Parramore. After seeing the hand of God on her life because of her OBEDIENCE, she decided to ask for Prophetess Parramore to pray for her eyes. At that moment, Prophetess Parramore prayed for her and spoke total healing over her EYES. This Sunday, December 21, 2014 Sister Caroline was extremely over whelmed by God’s healing report she received from the Doctor visit last week. She began to testify that when she went to the eye Doctor and he looked at her films, his response to her was God must really love you,” and she asked why? He replied that when you last came to me, you should have been BLIND by now, but instead you can still see and even better than before. She immediately began to thank GOD because she knew it was the prayers of the righteous woman of God, Prophetess Felicia Parramore who had spoke healing over her eyes in counseling and the evidence came IMMEDIATELY!

Whatever you are doing this season of your life, we compel you to grab hold of these testimonies on this website and believe that God will do the same for you. If you want to go even further, we invite you to tell everybody you know about a Prophetess who is led by the HOLY GHOST to pray for the sick and they RECOVER IN JESUS NAME IMMEDIATELY. Truly the gift of God is alive and active. Let the SAINTS OF GOD REJOICE.


Jasmine Hickman-Hannah

Our God is so AWESOME! He continues to demonstrate His power. Pastor Parramore is presently walking in the office of a Prophetess and it is so important that every individual that comes under the sound of her voice will grab hold of the spoken words. During the month of September 2014, Pastor Parramore was invited to speak down in Homestead at the “Changing Your Direction” annual conference under the Leadership of Pastor Victor Hickson; Full Deliverance Baptist Church.


As always, the power of God moved on Pastor Parramore and she ministered to the people. She spoke into so many of the member’s lives and one particular young lady by the name of Jasmine Hickman-Hannah, who is the Pastor’s daughter, came up for prayer. Pastor Parramore began to speak into her life after Jasmine began to share what her prayer need was. Jasmine testified that she had a miscarriage last year and she hasn’t been feeling the best in her body since then. Pastor Parramore gave her strict instructions from the “Holy Ghost to drink only water for the next 7 days and she would see the manifestation of change in her body. Jasmine followed the instructions to the letter. Pastor Parramore then spoke these words to her “In the Name of Jesus, you will become pregnant and have another baby.” November 19, 2014, we received a call from Jasmine stating that she was pregnant and due June 18, 2015. She said that she knows Pastor Parramore is a true prophet because the manifestation came immediately and she and her husband couldn’t believe it. She told the members at the church that it was that “Lady Pastor” meaning Pastor Parramore who had prayed for her and she grabbed hold of the words she had spoken over her. She said she now understands why the Lord spoke to her and told her not to do the strenuous work out she and her husband had planned, but never expected such exciting news from the Throne of Glory. Even till this day she is just amazed at what God will do, but you got to believe and obey Him. Jasmine further stated that it is the prophetic word that people have to obey and she will tell everyone she knows this testimony.

Pastor Parramore inquired to Jasmine about her brother, Mr. Hickson Jr. asking what he was doing since the conference. She said you would not believe that He too grabbed hold of the prophetic words spoken over his life that he was called to be a pastor and assist his father in the ministry. Praise God! We are excited to report that he will be ordained as Youth Pastor of the church in December, 2014 delivering his first sermon. This is another testimony of the prophetic word that was spoken over his life as well that He was going to be the “Youth Pastor,” and at the time of the prophetic word, He was just a member, but he said he knew he was called by God but he needed a confirmation. He said he was tired of people saying things over him and it not coming to pass, but this time it was different. He testifies that He had never experienced an anointing like that on Him. He said it was fire and he could not stand in the presence. He just could not stand up. Afterwards, He shared with Pastor Parramore that when He came to service that night, he was going to test her and see if she was real, but he never imagined that the “Holy Ghost” would speak to him and confirm what his heart’s desire was. He testified that Pastor Parramore was a true prophet of God because He told no one about his intentions that night.

This is truly a confirmation of the office Pastor Parramore has been called to operate in the Spirit of God and we give praise to Him for demonstrating His power and the prophetic word.


Sister Miriam Marlow…

Our God is AWESOME and He demonstrated His power again. Pastor Parramore has been operating under a prophetic anointing even now. Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 at Bible Impartation, was a day of healing at TKAM, Inc. Senior Pastor Felicia Parramore once again allowed the Holy Ghost to use her for HIS glory! A young girl, by the name of Miriam at the age of 14 was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The Doctor’s said there was no way for her Primary Care Doctor should have missed this disease based on the prognosis diagnosed at the time of her 1st examination. It began last year in March when her mother would go in her room to pray with her as a mother that loves their children and she noticed a lump on her daughter’s neck. She immediately took her to her PC Doctor. He recommended that mother take her to Miami Children’s Hospital immediately.

This is the mother’s testimony: Upon taking her to Miami Children’s the Doctor noticed she was very weak and she was admitted and the testing began. A biopsy was done and within the week after the biopsy, the lump had grown to the size of man’s hand choking a little girl and that’s exactly how it was described to me by the Doctor. They scheduled her for surgery and the Doctor’s team said they had never seen anything like this on a child. A specialist was called in from UM hospital and she was taken to Jackson Children Center Holtz. The surgery was done April 28, 2014 taking 9 hours. When she came out of the surgery she was in the pediatric I.C.U. for one week.

The doctors explained that there were 38 lymph nodes in the neck and out of the total, 36 were cancerous. They explained to me that this kind of cancer will more than likely come back and attack other organs in her body.  Every week since April last year she was going to the doctors and I was getting calls 3 to 4 times daily and emails in the middle of the night about Miriam.

I met a FCC provider last year and we stayed connected because we were just friends and she encouraged me that everything was going to be alright. One day she called me and we started talking after I received news from the doctor again concerning Miriam. I honestly became upset and just prayed that God would please help me because I knew I was tired and she was too. The last visit in September, I took Miriam to the endocrinologist at the mailman center and that’s when they sat me down and explained to me what was going on with Miriam at this stage. The disease had spread throughout her entire body and I would have to take her to do MRI’s of her entire body all over again. At that time, I began to cry and the doctor asked Miriam did she know how seriously ill she was and she said yes I’ve been reading up on it. They told us she would need surgery or chemo at this point. They asked me if I had anyone to talk to and I looked up to the roof and said “JESUS.”

I called my former FCC worker and told her what was going on at this time with Miriam and she told me about her Pastor and said she would ask her if she would come and pray for Miriam. Immediately the Spirit of the Lord, pricked Pastor Parramore’s heart and she said “yes I will go to her.” I received a call on Monday, October 6 inviting us to come to church on Wednesday October 8, 2014. We came and Pastor Parramore was led by the Holy Ghost to anoint Miriam with oil and to lay hands on her by the power of God and spoke healing to her. I had an appointment for Miriam the very next day and I have not heard from anyone since then for her results. I have called and called the doctors to get her results and nothing has been said to us to this day.  Miriam has been healed by God because, I have not heard from the doctors or anything and Miriam has been eating extremely and not tired or anything. She’s been in the mirror and playing and drawing closer to her brother and that has not happened in months.

All I can say is I thank God for Ms. Joseph telling me that Pastor Parramore was willing to come to me if I could not make it to the church and pray for Miriam, who was placed in HOSPICE Care, but we came the next day. From that night I have not had any calls, emails, doctors or anything for my daughter. I even feel better in my spirit and my whole house has changed. To God be the glory!! They were preparing to set up the bed in the house that night. After coming from Wednesday night Bible Impartation, my daughter has been healed.


November 10, 2014: God continues to show His glory and we are excited to report the healing of Miriam from stage 4 thyroid cancer. Pastor Parramore laid hands on her and stretched herself over Miriam’s body and spoke total healing over her and this is the result. Miriam was supposed to have chemotherapy or more surgery’s by now, but GOD! The doctors are absolutely astonished at the blood report results they have read as of October 2014 taken from her. They are confused and requesting she receive a complete MRI in November 2014 to make sure what they see is real. All we say is that GOD is so AWESOME and HE continues to show HIS GLORY to the world that HE is the ultimate PHYSICIAN. JEHOVAH RAPHA, the GOD that heals.

We welcome your thoughts and praises to this awesome testimony.  This is a RIGHT NOW MIRACLE!


The Glory of Our LORD continues to encourage the body of Christ. Miriam went for her testing last Tuesday November 4th, 2014 @ Miami Children’s Hospital. She was given a complete BODY SCAN / MRI imaging with dilution illuminating her entire insides. The report came back today DECEMBER 1st, 2014 CANCER FREE! The doctors are reexamining all the reports from last year and are compelled to say that something miraculous has happened. Based on their reports Miriam should be deceased by now. “Is there anything too hard for GOD? Absolutely NOT!!

They asked her to come in on this Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 to talk with her concerning Miriam’s tests results. Everything they saw on the reports a few months ago is COMPLETELY GONE! The surgeons ordered a special blood test to declare her CLEARED So ALL MEDICATION can be stopped!!


Final results of all testing: We are yet in a praise mode of the awesomeness of our God. We report on December 9, 2014 that Miriam is TOTALLY CANCER FREE!!! This has been declared by all Doctors/Oncologist’s/Specialists. The report will be displayed for your viewing soon. Again, we dare anyone that need healing, salvation &deliverance to come expecting God to move. Please share this with everyone YOU know…




On July 18, 2013 during Bible Impartation, a young man came to the service with a condition in his eyes caused by Diabetes he suffered with. He was threatening to go blind. The spirit of healing is one of the gifts that operates through Pastor Parramore came in the room not only for him but for every person that received the corporate prayer of healing that took place. By the leading of the Holy Ghost she began to call out every disease known to man.  He received salvation and is waiting to go to the Doctor on Monday expecting a miraculous report. He was so moved by the presence of the Holy Ghost that was operating through the Pastor that He said he wanted to join the church and that he never experienced God like that in all the churches he went to. He confessed that this was truly something he would never forget and he knows it was his time to come to God. He said he was going to follow the instructions given to him by Pastor Parramore to receive his total healing. There is no doubt there will be countless other testimonies to come. To God be the glory! After the presence of the Holy Ghost continued to show His glory through healing, the next morning one of the church mother’s called to say she was healed from arthritis and she know it was God because she was un able to lift her left arm up completely in the air without pain, but when she woke up around 5:30 am she could lift her arm up completely and there was no pain. She began to praise God and she called right then the head church mother to whom she never calls that time of morning to let her know she was healed and it was overwhelming. To God be the glory!

 On July 18, 2013 during Bible Impartation, a young woman that was demon possessed came to the Bible Impartation service and began to speak out loud things that troubled her regarding the Bible and why God doesn’t answer her when she talks to Him.  She couldn’t even touch the Word of God. The Pastor under the leading of the Holy Ghost began to speak words of comfort to her and then she spoke directly to that spirit that was speaking through the young lady. She was asked if she wanted to read the Word; Romans 10:9-10 and she refused. With the gentleness of the Holy Ghost that was operating through Pastor Parramore, the woman was asked if she would receive prayer and she could not resist the Holy Ghost that was so strong she had to say yes. When the prayer began she fell to the floor under the power of God and began to shake uncontrollably. Pastor Parramore began to plead the Blood of Jesus and call for the deliverance in the name of JESUS until the demonic influence that was operating through the woman looked up disoriented, scrambling to its feet and ran out of the church. This is evident that you need the POWER of the Holy Ghost so you can challenge any demonic influence that will try to captivate God’s people. The demon had to flee God’s power and presence because it realized that he had entered a Remnant Church and there was a Remnant Pastor who was not afraid of him but full of the HOLY GHOST equipped with the gift of DELIVERANCE and was ready for action. ~ Show Us Your Glory Lord ~

 On September 11, 2013 a young lady was struggling with severe headaches, spine problems, and a mass on the brain to which the doctors decided they must do surgery to relieve her of the pressure that was caused by the condition. Every Wednesday and Sunday when she would come to work, she would hear the church service going on and the anointing was so strong until she was compelled to come and request prayer from Pastor Parramore. Although healing is Pastor Parramore’s gifting, she only prayed for the young lady by the leading of the Holy Ghost.

As time passed, she was scheduled for surgery on October 24, 2013 but before she went for the surgery, she came with her mother on October 23, 2013 for prayer one more time at The Kingdom Agenda Ministries, Inc and the Holy Ghost specifically gave Pastor Parramore what to ask for during the surgery. Pastor Parramore’s prayer was “Lord; don’t let them find anything when they go in to her brain; let them be amazed God. God don’t let them find anything in the name of Jesus Christ.” Show your glory God, show your glory. Demonstrate your power God; in the name of Jesus. The church began to worship and thank God as she and her mother left that night preparing for her surgery that was the next day.

October 24, 2013, the very next day Pastor Parramore was given the miraculous news that they operated on her and when they went in they found nothing but fluid. The doctors were so amazed that they continued to explore and search for “7 HOURS” still finding NOTHING but FLUID. They have been draining fluid from her brain since the surgery. This is another miracle that has gone down in the book of Heaven’s history that God is still in the healing business.

He did it before and He is still doing right now for the present day “Believers and the non-believers.” We thank God once again for showing forth His glory through Pastor Parramore. God is so awesome and His works are marvelous in our eyes.

If you have the same faith, know that God will do the same thing for you and give you a testimony just like He has done for the young lady. If you need to be healed, delivered or saved, we invite you to come and experience God’s glory with us.

4) We praise God for showing forth His power one more time. As the Holy Ghost called for a special Healing & Deliverance service on October 30th, 2013 by our Senior Pastor/Teacher, the service began with exaltation and worship to usher in His presence. Little did anyone know that in the midst of the praise, one of the members regained his sight as he was worshipping God under the exaltation of Pastor Parramore. He testifies that when he was holding his little cousin this time he was able to see him and he could not stop saying thank you Jesus. The last time he held his 1 year old cousin was 2 months ago; he could see only a shadow. He began to call out the different colors he could see and the more he cried the clearer his sight became. To God be the glory.


Our God is AWESOME and He demonstrated His power again. We are in a series of Spiritual Warfare and the Holy Ghost demonstrated what happens when you tap in to Him. Sunday, June 15th, 2014 was a day of healing and deliverance at TKAM, Inc. Senior Pastor Felicia Parramore began the services with a prayer calling for two by two to join hands and pray for one another.

As expected, the anointing began to fall in the room causing some to kneel and others fall out as she began to lay hands on them. There was a woman who was born with several crippling birth defects that has been visiting the church for several weeks and the GLORY of God fell upon her as our Senior Pastor prayed for her and IMMEDIATELY she was healed of all pain.

She testifies that when she got up from the floor, she felt different but she had not recognized she had no pain. When she got home she realized, this doesn’t’ hurt and that didn’t hurt anymore. She decided to see what healing she received by trying to do things she could not do before without pain. She stooped down to the ground and got back up; NO PAIN. She lifted her leg bending her knees and again there was NO PAIN. She further testifies that she immediately got on her phone calling all of her friends in Christ telling them this was real and that she was healed and for the FIRST time in 60 YEARS she is PAIN FREE! Another miracle she received the next day was that she wasn’t able to walk but a few steps without becoming out of breath or have tightness in her chest.  She testifies that she began by FAITH to walk to Wal-Mart because she didn’t have pain; she wanted to see what else God had done for her. It would take her 4 hours to walk back and forth to Wal-Mart and the pain was indescribable. This time it took her a less than an hour to go to Wal-Mart, stand in the line and pay for her items and walk home with the items and still without PAIN. The entire trip was a little over an hour.  She testified that she held on to the prophetic WORD she was given from the Senior Pastor that the best was yet to come and her healing was on the way.  As of  Thursday, June 19, 2014 she is still PAIN FREE and she gives all the praise to God and is looking for her next miracle for her records. She says that there is no doubt in her mind that she will be completely healed.


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