During the early part of Prophetess Parramore’s life, drugs, chaos, and confusion had her bound. However, Jesus Christ set her free instantly and delivered her from the bondage. You may ask who qualifies her to teach total deliverance, His name is JESUS CHRIST!

Prophetess Hamilton-Parramore is an overcomer, an inspiration, and a remarkable woman who is on a Mission for God. The Kingdom Agenda Ministries Inc. is qualified to provide substance abuse counseling to individuals by a licensed substance abuse counselor. We also will provide counseling to families of the abuser to assist them with coping and understanding what the substance abuser is or has dealt with.

Our goal is to provide the best quality, cost effective drug and alcohol abuse treatment available. Drug addicts, alcoholics, prescription drug abusers ,and opiate addicts all wreak havoc on their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. The most important thing to remember is that recovery from addiction is possible. Please read the testimony of how God instantly delivered Prophetess Parramore from her addiction and you will have a great example of God’s keeping power. She has been kept for more than 25 years never looking back or falling into the hands of sin in that area again. The “Holy Spirit” will keep you but you have to want to be kept. You must stay reading the Word of God daily. Treatment at a rehabilitation center is a step for many people suffering from drug and alcohol dependency. We specialize in treatment for people who abuse any drug: alcohol, oxycontin, vicodin, benzodiazepines, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, percocet, xanax or any other mood or mind altering chemical.

We bring the needs of the individual into the forefront with a strong commitment to individualized, group, and spiritual attention. No longer do individuals seeking recovery have to settle for less in an overcrowded treatment center, where they may be just another face in the crowd. Alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases from which there is no known cure. At Recovery, First we focus on arresting the disease and putting recovery into the lives of each of our patients.

Our Philosophy is that we believe nothing is possible for the addict or alcoholic without change and the belief in Jesus Christ. This change must be significant enough to bring about recovery from this fatal and progressive illness. After coming to our program, we believe that each person needs to get involved in the deliverance fellowship or local community based self help groups of their choice. At Recovery, we point each individual in the right direction in order that they may start their path to permanent freedom from active alcoholism and drug addiction, one day at a time.

 Chemical dependency is characterized by
* Denial
* Continued substance abuse despite harmful consequences
* Loss of control over the substance being used
* A recurrent urging or craving within the individual

One of the purposes of our treatment program is to break through the person’s denial and integrate them into Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Codependents Anonymous, and/or their local place of worship. We strongly believe in the deliverance worship method of personal recovery. Addicts and alcoholics have been achieving permanent recovery by practicing in our ministry worship services recovery. God has truly blessed Prophetess Felicia Hamilton-Parramore with the gift of healing and through the belief in Jesus Christ and faith in God many have experience the healing and recovery from their illness.

This is a time tested and well proven method of personal recovery and goes hand in hand with out treatment modalities.
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