The Kingdom Agenda Ministries Inc. will embrace all individuals and show God’s mercy and grace. We will give our unconditional support and provide counseling. Prophetess Parramore’s greatest weapon is the “Word of God.”

Now is the time to take a completely different look at Homosexuality! With modern science suspecting the causes of same-sex orientation to be genetic, it is time to dispel the myths of choice. Over and over I have heard the same statement from Gays. “Why would anyone want to choose to be Gay on purpose?” This statement is followed by other reasons such as: “It is such a lonely life!” or “Who would choose to live outside of society and be so hated?” Through our counseling and fellowship worship programs and sharing the love of Jesus Christ, we will provide alternative ways for gays seeking to overcome their addiction to this lifestyle to find true love in God who is able to bless, forgive, and provide the comfort and peace of mind in life they may need in order to overcome.

Contact us: Email: kingdomagendaministries@juno.com  or pastorhamilton@bellsouth.net