Teen Pregnancy



Prophetess Parramore has an awesome testimony of God’s grace and love that can and will restore you through every situation in your life. She shares her testimony with the youth every where she goes. It is powerful and will change your life.

The purpose of the Teen Parent Outreach is to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to teenage parents. Prophetess Parramore’s ultimate goal is to empower teenage parents to become independent and functioning members of society while giving their children the best possible life. She tells them it starts by addressing their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs within the local community. We intend on reaching this goal by mobilizing the Christian community to demonstrate Christ’s love to teenage parents and their children. Our program is set up to provide support for teen parents who are working, attending school, or genuinely need help. We focus on preparing these teens for the rigorous task of parenthood through life skills Workshops. In these workshops they learn how to manage their time, budget their money, set goals, and perform basic first-aid.

Goals are set in the following categories: Physical, Educational, Financial, Personal, and Spiritual. Although, we teach teens how to cope with a teenage pregnancy we also incorporate pregnancy prevention classes for all teens. Our organization suggests that teen parents keep their babies;In return, we offered a plan for them to live a life in Christ, with Godly mentors as examples. We have mentored at the COPE Dade County Public School for pregnant teenage girls so if you are in need of information pertaining to this, please contact us.

If you are a pregnant teen in need of support or know someone who is please contact:

The Kingdom Agenda Ministries Inc.
954-707-3274 (Church Phone)