Best Selling Author…Prophetess Felicia Hamilton-Parramore: “Bread from Heaven…Sent down from Glory!”

 Prophetess Felicia Hamilton-Parramore is an Author. Her Best Seller book “Fresh Manna” is available for purchase online at and your local bookstores. We encourage you to obtain a copy….Daily Manna from Heaven…

 (Bread From Heaven)

 The people of Israel called the bread Manna. It was white like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with honey (Exodus 16:31).

 I love this…Bread from Heaven; it reminds me of the portion of scripture that says: “man shall  not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of GOD.” (NIV)

 Manna – Hardened sugary exudation of various trees (Webster Dictionary), however, I must say this Manna did not come from a tree, but from Heaven! (The Word of God)

 Oh….Shout Hallelujah Somebody!

 MANNA (Hebrew- man.bu) literally means “What is that?”   The name is commonly taken as derived from man, an expression of surprise. “What is it?” but it is derived from manna, meaning “to allot”, and hence denoting an “allotment” or a “gift” according to Webster’s dictionary.

 The “Bread from Heaven” is called “MANNA”.  It was a special food miraculously sent from God to feed the people after the exodus from Egypt. It was a white substance that resembled frost, took the form of thin flakes, and tasted like honey (Ex. 16:14, 31; Num 11:9). The supply of manna ceased when the Israelites entered the Promised Land and other food became available. (Jos 5:12)

 Please allow me to go somewhere (Psalm 19:10) which says They are more precious than gold, (the Word), than much pure gold, they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb.
Oh my we need to Taste and See that the Lord is truly Good.

 Manna was a type or foreshadowing of Jesus Christ, who is The True Bread from Heaven
(John 6:32, Rev 2:17) and gives eternal life (John 6:33. 51,58).

The Lord brought testing and troubles to His people in the desert in order to teach them that one’s life does not consist merely in the physical, but rather that well-being (both physical and spiritually) depends on one’s relationship to God and obedience to His Word. The Lord Jesus quoted this passage in the hour of His temptation (Mt 4:4). At times the Lord may permit difficulties in our lives as a form of Fatherly discipline in order to train us to depend on Him more firmly and receive His Word more willingly (Hebrew 12:3-13).

 If it had been a natural thingit would not have started appearing for the first time at the beginning of the 40 years and ceased when the 40 years ended. As plainly stated in Exodus 16:35 and Joshua 5:12, it was not the product of plants, for it was found upon the ground (Exodus 16:14).

 Jesus Christ testified that Manna came from heaven and that it was sent supernaturally by God, not by Moses (John 6:31-32).

That is why Saints we need to have Fresh (clean, energizing, new) Manna (The Word of God) every morning. We can’t gather up yesterday’s Word and use if for today, well you can, but you know what I mean. God wants to give us Fresh Manna everyday! That’s why He says His mercies are new every morning! His mercies are new when we receive, believe and obey the Word of God (Fresh Manna).
I challenge you today to receive the
Gift of God, which is the Fresh Manna from Heaven!

Oh Taste and See that the Lord is GOOD! (Psalm 34:8) 

In His Service,

 Prophetess Felicia Hamilton-Parramore

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